Swim Meets - What is Expected

As more and more swimmers come through to the squads and begin to swim at local events, below is an overview of what is required:

Timekeeping: If your child is swimming, a parent or carer must sign up for timekeeping. Sign up for timekeeping is advertised on Team App and uses Sign Up Genius. If you sign up for a meet and can no longer make it, as well as letting the coach know, please advise rcscsignup@gmail.com so we know not to expect you for timekeeping.

Be On Time: Warm Up is a critical part of a carnival day for the team. Make sure you get your child to the event on time so that they are able to warm up.

Eat Well: Ensure your child has a good breakfast and are replenishing and drinking water throughout the day.

See Coach: All swimmers should go and see their coach directly after they have competed - please reinforce this with them if they come to you first.

Caps: Please make sure your child swims in a black RCSC. These caps are $10 and are available from swim desk.

Uniform: The children look great in their uniforms. Swimmers should wear an RCSC T-shirt, hoodie or swim jacket to carnivals. If your child does not have one, then please order one through the swim desk.

Pool Deck: Unless time keeping parents are not permitted on pool deck. Only the swimmers and coaches should be on pool deck at any time.

Look After Your Child: All children under the age of 16 must have a parent or carer in attendance at a carnival at all times or have arranged for another adult to be responsible for that child. Please make sure that you know where they are at all times.

Food Sharing: Please remind your child that they are not allowed to share their food. Some children have allergies and this can cause issues for them. Please ensure you pack enough food for your child.

Team App

RCSC uses Team App for news and Squad communication.

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How to Enter Meets

Have any questions about entering a meet? Read this.

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Car Drop Off / Pick Up is a No Stopping Zone

Please keep our kids safe in the car park.

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Play By The Rules

A great link sent out by Swimming Australia for parents and swimmers.

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Photograph Permission Form

Please submit your photo permission form

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